Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting in Pittsburgh, PA

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Good Dog Club provides dog boarding and pet sitting services to anyone with a companion animal – whether it be a dog, cat, ferret, bird, rabbit, fish, or a more exotic pet, we will give him or her the absolute best care possible. We understand that animals are more than just a simple addition to a home; they’re your best friend and your family!

Giving tender love, care, and attention to every single animal we meet is of the utmost importance to us. We want both you and your animal to be positively ecstatic with our services, and we do our best to accommodate each pet’s needs and wants. Some animals are very active and need constant stimulation, while others simply need someone to sit and cuddle with them while you’re out. No matter what the case, we will adapt to what your pet desires.

The Good Dog Club of Pittsburgh will give you the peace of mind that your companion is in the best hands when you chose us for pet sitting or boarding!

In-Home Pet Care

Do your pals need visits more than walks? No problem!

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