What’s in a Name?


Many years ago, I fell in love the instant I met my dear pal, Ruby, a collie-shepherd-golden retriever mix, wagging away in that corner kennel at the Minneapolis pound.  Looking for our cat, Max, who mysteriously squeezed through a 3-inch opening in the window of a new apartment on moving day, I met Ruby.

Some Pets are Destiny

I recall so vividly, walking through the long stretch of cages, turning the corner to meet eyes with Ruby, a dog I swear I had imagined since I was a child, complete with eyeliner and a sweet disposition.  In an instant, she captured my heart.

A Good Dog in Every Pet

Most of my friends also had adopted a range of companion animals, some of them dogs with behavioral challenges. We developed a short hand for “let the adventures begin!” calling for meetings of the Good Dog Club.  Always, the club’s first president, my beloved Ruby, oversaw those adventures.  I chose this name as a tribute to my dear friend and her incredible companions and friends who taught me so much.