Why Join?

Why be part of the Good Dog Club?

lisa-dogwalker-pittsburghIt’s for Every Pet

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a little bad in a dog…. or cat or ferret, or bird, or bun.  I love the spirit of animals; their distinct personalities and species-specific traits hold great fascination for me.

We Bring Out the Best

A persistent problem comes particularly with dogs that have been adopted out of a shelter. Too often, the new owners simply cannot know the true story, the history of behaviors and responses encountered which would assist them in dealing swiftly and succinctly with problems and help a dog (or any adopted pet) become their best-balanced and engaging self. For too many, the rough hand of humans who interacted with an animal earlier in their lives continues to be revealed long after the offending party has abandoned them and walked away. Understandably, animals become reactive, overly protective, angry, or afraid. These issues can make dog socialization very hard.

We Help Pets Play Well with Others

Central to my work with animals is helping to socialize them, working at their pace and that of their family.  In some cases, I can work with an animal and give the family input into ways to assist in a process of socialization.  In other cases, I work also with the family to assist in a process of bonding and what I call creating good citizens among the four-legged set.  I am not a trainer or a behavioralist, though I can offer some input on those fronts as well.

cat-sit-pittsburghWe Won’t Let you Down

The needs of your pet will always come first.  If my approach isn’t yielding results, I will help you find the right person for the job from the vast array of highly skilled people working with animals here in Pittsburgh.  Generally, we will be successful, however, and through our work, we can determine a plan for steadily approaching and solving the problem.

We’ll Work Together

Patience is required of all parties, regardless of their species. One of my main goals is to help build an environment of trust and mutual respect, where all members of the household are in sync. The work of socialization extends beyond the family unit, to those places where dogs interact and the deep sniffing begins.  Together, we can make a plan that works for everyone to get you and your pal on the path to a peaceful and play filled life.