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Meet & Greet

Once you send me your contact information, I will respond to set up an initial meet and greet, a 30 minute appointment at no charge where I will come, meet you and your crew and get the lay of the land.  At this meeting, we can talk about any quirks in your pet(s), any questions you have about me, address any specific needs you want to see fulfilled through our work together, and make a plan for getting started.  At the end of this meeting, I will need to receive a couple of things from you: 2 copies of your house key (see Ready-key Program below) and a signed contract. Additional paperwork will need to be submitted prior to the start date of our visits.

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You are welcome to give them to me at this appointment or to email them directly to me, whatever works best for you. Except in cases of emergency, visits will not begin until paperwork is submitted.



Ready-Key Program

We ask for two keys to your home that we hold on to.  The keys are tagged with the animal(s) name and no other identifier.  One key remains with me at all times, to accommodate our regularly scheduled visits as well as when any unexpected situation arises for you.  A second copy is given to my contractor in the event I am unable to care for your animal when needed.  If you choose not to leave your key with us long-term, there is a $5 charge per trip for each subsequent key pick-up and drop-off.