Pittsburgh Pet Care Testimonials

Club Members SPEAK

We have been working with Lisa and the Good Dog Club for years. When we first moved to Pittsburgh we were uncertain about how to identify someone who could help us with our three dogs when we traveled or had long days away. Thankfully, Lisa was completely comfortable and unfazed by the fact that we have such a large pack to manage, each with their own personality. Our dogs love her and all of the Good Dog Club walkers. We rely on them on holidays and trips out of state, as well as busy times here in Pittsburgh when work demands pick up. Now that we are expanding our human family and having a baby, we are glad to have the security of knowing that the Good Dog Club is there for us as well!

Ashley & AaronBilly, Orion & Alexi

Finding Lisa has been a blessing for our family.
We have a crew of 3 pups in our home, Odis the bloodhound, Rambo the bulldog, and Lola the Brussels griffon.

The task of allowing somebody in your home to take care of your fur babies while you aren’t there is a heavy one. From the first conversation with Lisa I knew she was a keeper, the focus was all about the dogs and their specific needs. She left me feeling confident that I can travel and know that my dogs are in the comfort of their own home and getting the exercise they need. By scheduling specific times for walks and visits I am able to be stress free while traveling, knowing the pups are getting the attention they need.

My favorite thing Lisa and her team do is every visit they leave notes about their adventures. I have to admit I love reading these the moment I get home it allows me to know how the dogs have been while I was gone.
We have now been with Lisa for over a year and I can say there has NEVER been a time where she hasn’t been able to fit us in the schedule. Even with those last minute emails she always comes thru! I am confident to say I would leave my animals with Lisa and her crew whenever we travel now.

We are grateful to have found someone who loves our pups as much as we do.
And I know Odis, Rambo and Lola love them too!


We moved to Pittsburgh a year ago with our wonderful, lovable but VERY sensitive Healey. She was a rescue that has taken some serious coaxing to recover from her former life. With our busy lives, and unexpected schedules we really needed someone to help with Healey. Lisa and the Good Dog Club team have been very attentive to Healey’s shy personality and have excelled at bonding with her. They now enjoy the same excited wiggle butt (whole body tail wag) we love to come home to. Whether it is the daily walk, or the occasional weekend sleep over, Lisa and the Good Dog Club have made our lives easier and Healey’s much happier.

Kathryn & DavidHealey

I highly recommend the Good Dog Club! We were impressed at the quick response when we initially contacted Lisa to set up a meet and greet. We used the GDC both for daily walks and for extended care when we had to travel or work late. They were incredibly professional and accommodating of our busy and often crazy schedules.

I could tell from my dog’s happy reaction that he loved the Good Dog Club. They journal each visit, including any business handled, where they went for a walk, and extra details such as if your dog found a really nice stick. We also occasionally received text updates, pictures or videos, especially on extended visits. They truly take care of your pets like their own. It was very comforting to know that our dog was in good hands when we had to be away.

A special word about Lisa: she really is the best. She is smart, incredibly capable and caring. In addition to the GDC services, she gave me the advice and encouragement that I needed to raise our very first dog.


What’s so good about the Good Dog Club is that Lisa and her associates know what’s good for the dogs. In a safe, controlled environment, my dog was allowed to get rowdy with other rambunctious dogs. (And of course, older, mellower dogs are given the attention appropriate to them.) A well-socialized and tired dog is a happier, better behaved pooch; every week, the Good Dog Club gave me that.

Tim & Noodle

My husband and I met Lisa last winter when we both underwent knee surgery. Because we were unable to walk Ajax, our one year old Rhodesian ridgeback, we were desperate for help–Ajax demands a lot of exercise and attention. Lisa handled him like he was an old friend, immediately understanding exactly his needs. Rambunctious Ajax was putty in Lisa’s capable hands. Ajax has enjoyed his time with Lisa so much that we have continued his afternoons with her, allowing him to run freely while socializing with other dogs in a safe, controlled, fenced area.

Susan & Gustav

natalie-bryce-cat-careWhen we first set out to hire a caregiver we were admittedly very hesitant to leave our animals in the care of someone with whom we did not have a long-standing relationship. But within moments of welcoming Lisa into our home we just clicked. She had an easy, natural way with us and all of our animals, and showed the depth of her compassion by instantly taking a shine to our special needs girls, Lucy and Marley. We were still nervous on that first trip we took but we had nothing to worry about: Lisa not only stayed in wonderful contact with us but went the extra mile in taking incredible care of our precious family members, giving us the freedom to feel like we could travel again in the future. We are so lucky to have found her.

Natalie & Bryce

The Good Dog Club provides reliable, loving care for our precious dog Earl. As long time dog owners our relationship with Lisa and her staff is by far the best experience we have ever had.

Myrna & Steve

speak-tom-kelly-tessa-winston-crumbDuring the past year that we’ve known Lisa, we got married, had a baby, bought a new house, and dealt with sick parents. We have been able to trust Lisa implicitly with our home, our two dogs, and our fluffy cat. In the span of a few short months, Lisa has become part of our family. We would recommend her care to anyone.

Tom & KellyTessa, Winston & Crum





We love to take our Django with us everywhere – France, Florida, everywhere.  But when we can’t, Lisa & the Good Dog Club step in to help us out with devoted care.

Playtime, walks, medications are always taken care of and I love the diary provided to us when we return home with all of Django’s antics and activities.  Thank you!

Monique & GreggDjango


momma-dog-pittsburghLisa is the best!  She forms a wonderful relationship with your pet, she helps you to relax, knowing that your pet is in the most capable hands, and she is so relaible.

I can’t imagine using anyone else. A little over a year ago, Momma Dog became very ill, and who did I call to accompany me to icu?  That’s right; Lisa!  Because she is genuine, this is way more than a “business” to her. She loves what she does, and it shows!

JanetMomma Dog


molly-care-for-cats-pittsburghLisa has been taking care of our cats for a couple years. She’s been fabulous. They require daily medicating (a pill for one and a liquid for the other). And yet, she manages to give them their medicines, play with them, snuggle them, scoop their litter, feed and water them, and love them while we are gone. When we get back, they claim no one ever fed them, but they say that to us every day anyway. We especially like Lisa’s notes in the book detailing all her and their adventures. Lisa is also very responsive with email, communicating clearly about her availability. I highly recommend Lisa!

Susannah – Molly and Toby

sassy-pet-care-testimonialsMy standard Poodle Sassy fell in love with Lisa first time she met her and after around 3 or 4 years nothing has changed. I have left Sassy with Lisa for many weeks while visiting Europe and every time I came back I got a happy, well cared puppy back. Lisa’s house is like a second home for Sassy and when I was sick several times Lisa always took good care of my dog.  (And me!)

I never ever would even consider any other pet sitter and Sassy neither!

We both love and trust her!


Pittsburgh dog walker reviewsWe liked that Lisa worked with us as much with our dog. She started by putting our fears and unfounded concerns about our pups somewhat aggressive responses to other dogs to rest and helped us find solutions that allow us to gain better control over Tammy. As a result, we are more comfortable with walking her and taking her into more dog-friendly or dog-populated areas. We both trust Lisa and are so pleased that she is willing to observe Tammy’s behavior, work with her (and us) on her behavior issues, and, most importantly, provide her with fun and interesting exercise and companionship on days during the busy work week when we cannot.

Jen & Hayley – Tammy

Tucker-pittsburgh-dog-walkerWhen I adopted my dog Tucker, he was so sweet and loving – but only to his family members.  Having been raised in a frat house, he was understandably fearful, and this came out in a good deal of stranger-anxiety and aggression.  I was worried that we’d never find a dog walker who’d be able to get in the door, let alone come to know and love the sweet, sweet dog we knew.

Lisa came into our lives 3 years ago, and we immediately knew she’d be perfect for us.  She eased her way into Tucker’s heart with a combination of bravery, treats, walks, and sweet-talk, and she has been with us weekly ever since.  Tucker’s fear aggression has since substantially subsided, and I credit much of this to his work with Lisa.  We love her, and wholeheartedly recommend her services for you and your pup.

Melissa & Jessica – Tucker

kinsey-pittsburghSuddenly my daily dog care (neighbor) was unable to take care of my Kinsey and Lisa and the Good Dog Club came to the rescue! Lisa not only takes wonderful care of Kinsey but she loves her as much as I do making sure Kinsey is well cared for, happy, and content daily. Good Dog Club’s flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond to make that happen is priceless. Kinsey and I are so lucky and happy be part of the Club!

Melissa S. – Kinsey



best-dog-walker-pittsburgh-dogsI have known Lisa for many years, first as a dog walker and pet sitter and later as a friend and colleague. I knew from the moment I met her that she was “the one” for my dogs. She is confident and relaxed around animals and her feathers are not ruffled by big, aggressive dogs who sometimes misbehave. She handles unexpected situations and emergencies without hesitation and most importantly, my dogs absolutely love her and run to greet her when she arrives to walk them. As a professional pet sitter myself, I appreciate her intelligence, wit and creativity, as well as her superb people and animal skills.  Look no further if you need a responsible and experienced person for your pets.

DenisePrincess & Schatzie

sammy-dog-walking-servicesLatte and Sammy and I love Lisa!! I love knowing that once we talk about a date, I can be 100% sure that Lisa will be there. Knowing that Latte and Sammy are well-taken care of makes going away for work or for play so much easier and less stressful. Lisa is flexible and adjusts to our schedule and needs, so there is no anxiety for any of us. When I get home, Latte and Sammy are happy and tired! They love going on adventures with Lisa, on walks, to the park…and most of all playing with Lisa’s son, Davion. Davion and Latte and Sammy have quite a love-connection.

Lisa is mature, consistent, relaxed, reliable, and flexible. She understands my need to have complete sureness that she will be there as planned and will accommodate the dogs usual eating, walking and sleeping schedule. Without hesitation, I recommend Lisa as a loving and capable caretaker for your pets.

Cheryl – Latte and Sammy

I have been a client of Lisa Johnson for over three years and highly recommend her and the Good Dog Club. I engaged Lisa after a change of employment which no longer allowed me to take my dogs to work. They were accustomed to being with me all day and require a lot of attention and exercise. Lisa helped me and the dogs through this transition, which included much training, both human and canine! Under Lisa’s tutelage and guidance, we all adjusted and my dogs are thriving. Lisa is an expert in all things canine and she has also helped me through doggy illnesses and behavioral problems.

maddie-pittsburgh-pet-care-reviewsMy dogs are high energy and Lisa really exercises them – versus the greeting and mini-walks provided by many other dog walking services. I tried other services and when I came home from work, my dogs were bouncing off the walls with energy. With Lisa, I come home to calm and clearly exercised dogs. Lisa also provides overnight services which I have used on numerous occasions. She has stayed at my house for periods of time ranging from one to fourteen overnights. My dogs do not suffer the anxiety of going to a kennel and I know my house is occupied and in good hands while I am gone. Honestly, my dogs love Lisa so much that I have no anxiety about leaving them.

If you love your pet, give yourself some peace of mind and give Lisa a try. She is the next best thing to being there yourself!

Susan – Sadie & Maddie

brian-mike-pittsburgh-bird-careLisa treats our cats and bird like they are her own!  She provides regular, timely, and comforting feedback during our travels, and we never worry about the wellbeing of our furry and feathered family.  There is truly no one with whom we would feel more comfortable caring for our family.

Brian & Mike

Lisa and the Good Dog Club are amazing and have my complete trust and faith.  I know my four cats aren’t easy to take care of, but they are able to provide excellent care.  They are also able to administer Elvis’ daily medication, which is a separate feat!  I also appreciate their abililty to work around my ever changing schedule, even at the last minute.

HilaryThe 4 E’s

yuki-pittsburgh-dog-boarding-2Lisa is so wonderful with our dog, Yuki. We rescued Yuki about a year ago, and he is extremely reactive and aggressive with other dogs. She takes him to the park and works with him, and he has shown some huge improvements.

Lisa goes above and beyond what she has to do — she brings in our mail, writes down notes in his dog journal, and e-mails to see how we are doing. I would highly recommend her services if you are thinking about care for your dog.