Pittsburgh Dog Walking Services


Dog Outings

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Group Romp

Perfect for the dog who enjoys running, fetching, and meeting new dogs in an energized pack. Group romps are conducted in a big, private, fenced-in area that gets cleaned several times a day. We partner pups based on their personalities so they have fun and provide additional socialization for those newer to group activity.

  • $27.50 for first dog in house, $5 each additional dog

Neighborhood Walk

Thirty minutes that mixes some sniff and stroll with aerobic, upbeat walking in your local neighborhood.  Plenty of time to handle business, let the nose catch up with neighborhood comings and goings, and enjoy a good stretch, fresh drink of water, treats, and affection.

  • $21 for up to two dogs in a household; $5 per extra pup
  • $18.50 for 5 walks a week, ongoing, with no set end date
  • Multiple walks during a single day can usually be taken.

Quick Relief Break

A fifteen minute break to stretch legs, head out to handle their business, get fresh water, a treat, and some behind the ear scratches.  Quick Relief breaks are particularly helpful for puppies in training, during medical recovery,  and for the elder set who need to relieve themselves a bit more often.

  • $13 for 15 minutes; $12 for 5 quick relief visits a week
  • Multiple quick visits during a single day usually can be made.

pittsburgh-dog-outingsGood Citizenship One-on-One Work

Often the dogs we rescue come with behavioral issues but no dependable personal history.  As someone dedicated to seeing animals find a forever home that works for everyone, here we will work to develop a trust-based relationship between you and your new best friend. Part my working one on one with your dog, part us working together to build your skills for dealing with behavioral problems while strengthening your relationship with your pal, we will develop a plan that works for your specific situation and desired outcomes. If we find that my approach does not work, I will help you find a compatible person to assist you and yours.

  • Our plan will likely integrate other services listed.
  • $38 per one on one hour.


Buddy Time

A three-hour stretch of companionship and adventure for your dog.  From the moment we arrive, we will be together, engaging in a range of activities at the park or indoors, playing, exploring, or just hanging out.  A great break for young and old alike, providing lots of time for their special needs to be met.  At the end of our time, your pal will be well loved and ready for a nap.

  • $55 for 3 hours

Extended Time Away

Whether it be for a Real Estate showing of your home or a gathering of people not quite so crazy about your pals as we are, the Good Dog Club can help! Unlike Buddy Time, where we will often spend at least part of the time together in your home, Extended Time Away means exactly that: we come and retrieve your crew to whisk them away for a predetermined period of time. Activities will vary, depending upon the animal(s) and their specific needs. Let’s discuss how we can help you next time you need the house to yourself!

  • $33 per hour, includes pick up and drop off

sadie-dog-walkingPooper Scooper

Whenever we visit with your pup, any waste produced during our visit will be cleaned up and disposed of. Additional clean-up service is available upon request.