No travel time is billed to client with the exception of animals requiring transportation to a vet, groomer, or other service provider which you’ve specifically requested. For clients receiving regular services, the Good Dog Club will send a bill for services on or about the first of the month, with payment due by the 10th. After the 10th, the Good Dog Club reserves the right to add a late fee of $20. Occasional clients will be billed at the conclusion of each visit, with payment due 10 days after date on invoice. Any fees resulting from a bounced check will be the responsibility of the client.


Please give AT LEAST 24 hours notice should you need to cancel our services. If you leave a voice mail or an email and do not receive confirmation that I have received your message by 9am, please call or write again in case message was lost in cyber space.  Chronic late cancellations will result in cancellation fees being added to your monthly bill. The Good Dog Club agrees to give one notice prior to adding fees to your bill.

View our rates for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice >

Let Us Know You are Home

Those returning from extended period away from home are REQUIRED to call or email to let us know you are safely home and your pals are in your care.  If I do not hear from you, we will assume that you are delayed, leaving the animals to my care and will visit as usual.

Sharing Care for Your Pals

We prefer not to share our duties with other people looking in on your pals. In the event that we are sharing care, please clarify our responsibilities and the schedule for the additional person’s visits. I do not want anyone to be alarmed or frightened upon finding an unexpected person in your home, or your pal missing, when it is time for our outing to take place.

Contacting the Good Dog Club

I, Lisa Margot Johnson, am owner of the Good Dog Club and primary contact person. In addition to myself, and at my discretion, my able and well-trained contractors may provide care to your household. Each has passed background checks and is bonded and insured. I will be available to assist over the phone or in person should the need arise when a contractor is doing the visit.

Keeping Current

Policy changes and all information related to the business of the Good Dog Club will be updated on our website at good-dog-club.com.

And THANK YOU for trusting me with the care of your pals!